Who I am

Me By The Gila River
I grew up roaming the jagged mountains and rock walled canyons of the Sonoran desert surrounding the Tucson area. I spent a lot of time fishing, hiking, and camping with my two brothers, grandfather, and Boy Scouts. We all fell in love with the outdoors, but even for young kids being poor takes its toll on the ability to pursue leisure time activities, and eventually school and girls took over camping and fishing.

My father left when we were little, and he wasn't around much as we were growing up. So he had very little impact on our lives. My mother worked hard to provide us with what little we had, and eventually found a guy and fell in love. He turned out to be an angry alcoholic and spent the next seven years making our lives miserable. During this period the three of us found different ways of escaping from the harshness of our lives. My older brother started taking apart everything he could find, just to figure out how it was made. My younger brother (by 5 years) found drugs and fell apart.  I found books and and disappeared into the story and stayed there as much as I could. We each made our escapes, and those escapes had the negative effect of separating us from each other. It was tough, but we survived.

My mom left my step father the summer between my freshman and sophomore years of high school.  My mother was at work most of the time and, without anyone else there, I suddenly had more freedom than I knew what to do with. I went looking for a hobby and found wrestling and girls. Wrestling kept me out of major trouble, but girls got me into it. I got married in August between my junior and senior years, and my son was born the following November. I scraped by and managed to graduate from high school, and my wife got her GED. I went to work doing whatever I could, and wound up finding a job at an electric motor repair shop. My wife went to school and became a medical assistant. From there, I spent the next eighteen years trying to be a better father and husband than the two role models I had as a kid.
My Wife And I Relaxing In A Cabin In the White Mountains

I am still happily married to the same beautiful girl, and we have two wonderful children who are just about grown up now. My wife has opened her own business, and I am still a purchasing agent. My son will be a freshman at the University of Arizona next year. My daughter will be a junior in high school, and is aspiring to be a veterinarian some day. With my kids growing up I am finding that I have a little more free time then I used to, so it is time for me to get back to nature.

I have always been an angler, but I have recently gotten into quail hunting and plan on going turkey hunting as soon as I can draw a tag. until then, I am contenting myself by checking out new equipment, and driving my wife nuts talking about all of the stuff I want. I also hope to learn how to fly fish, and maybe try for a deer in the near future, but for now, here's to tight lines and heavy game bags!

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