Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Saga Interupted

As far as my summer fly fishing plan of trying to catch all of the trout species that inhabit Southern Arizona...It went out the window almost as soon as I decided I wanted to do it. As it sits I have been in trout waters exactly one time with no catches all summer long. I am not really all that heart broken over the lack of quality fishing time because along with remodeling our living room and kitchen, this past winter all of the cards fell into place to make the dream my wife and I had for a trip to Europe a reality. When I decided to make plans for fishing this summer I had no idea that the preparations for this trip would consume every spare moment I had for fishing trips. At the beginning of summer we also decided to host our second exchange student, and we spent a lot of time and energy preparing for his arrival. I am excited for the opportunity to learn about the Norwegian way of life and to share our lifestyle with a young ambassador. The down side of these exciting new experiences is the lack of extra time for recreational activities such as fishing and hunting. It even seems impossible to get to my local pond for an hour or two of cat fishing! 
I am sorry for the lack of good (or any) content over the past couple of months, but as the summer starts to wind down and the weather cools off a little bit I will be back out in the field fishing and hunting. so stay tuned for some great stories! Starting with a trip to Pena Blanca lake and some much needed fish catching!

 If you guys are at all interested, let me know and I will do a quick post about my trip to Europe and share some of the pictures I took. I didn't get to do any fishing while I was there, but I went to some exciting places and had some interesting experiences including my wife getting into trouble for taking a picture of a hooker in Amsterdam!
A Street In London