Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Couple Of Hard Earned Bass

Mud And Milfoil
For Fathers Day I was finally able to pull my lazy self out of bed early enough for a half day of fishing at Arivaca lake. It has been a couple of months since I have really been able to get out for a morning with a fishing pole, and I thought this would be a good day to take out the kayak out for its first "real" fishing trip on a lager body of water. So I made sure my battery for the fish finder was charged and loaded up the truck with fishing equipment and the kayak, stopped for some gas, and headed for Arivaca lake.

It has not rained since the last time I was here a few months ago, so I knew the water would be low. when I got there I was very surprised to see just how low the water real was. I had to drag the kayak and all of my gear around to a spot on the far side of the lake where the rocky hillside almost meets the water. Even then there was about three feet of shoreline consisting of mud deep enough to swallow my leg up to my knee. I had quite the struggle getting into the kayak and then pushing it through the deep mud out to the water where a whole new problem presented itself. I now had to get out past the milfoil that was so heavy that the top had matted and become dry on the surface of the lake. but once past that I was rewarded with a great view of the lake and surrounding hills.
Do You See Her?

Almost immediately I started seeing fish hit the surface of the water chasing some unknown insect that I couldn't seem to find. I immediately took out the fly rod and started to try and catch a fish. Try as I might I just couldn't figure out what those fish were chasing. I started to get a little frustrated and went back to a tactic that has worked so well in the past. I tied a swim bait onto my bait caster and started to target the stick ups and other structure as I lazily drifted down the shore line. I drifted into a small alcove and looked around trying to assess the best strategy when I noticed something moving up on the shore line. Upon further inspection I was flabbergasted to discover I was looking at a large female Goulds turkey!
Goulds Turkey

Gould's turkeys are among the rarest of the turkeys found in the united states. They were actually hunted to extinction north of the Mexico border in the early part of the 1900's and re-introduced to southern Arizona in '80's and '90's. There are now several good sized populations around the various mountain ranges, but they tend to stay at elevations above 5000ft so seeing this one down around 4000 ft was a shock and a surprise.

Large Mouth #1
I caught my first bass right after seeing the Turkey. I barely felt the take and almost didn't set the hook. This is the very first fish I have caught in my kayak so I was really excited to bring in a fish of this quality.  I took a quick picture gave it a kiss on the head and let her go to make more bass babies, and get a little bit bigger for the next trip. My next bass was a little bit bigger, and a little bit prettier than the first. Those were the only two I caught, but they were a great beginning to an awesome Fathers day.
Large Mouth #2


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    1. Thanks Tyson. This has always been one of the better lakes in the area, but It looks like I may need to find a new if the rains don't hit a little harder in the next couple of years.