Monday, April 15, 2013

Shotguns And Fishing Poles Turns One Year Old!

April 14 will mark the one year anniversary of publishing my first post The Urban Fishing Addiction and bringing Shotguns and Fishing Poles to life. I want to thank all of you guys who read this blog on a regular basis, and especially those of you who have given me a helping hand along the way.  When I started doing this I was looking for an outlet for my overwhelming need to talk about fishing and hunting with anybody I could get to sit still and listen to me. I also wanted to learn from people more experienced than myself, but didn't really have access to the few local clubs due to time constraints. When I went looking on the internet for more information on hunting and fishing I found tons of information in the form of blogs. Some were good, some were bad, but nearly all of them were written by regular people living regular lives.

As I searched through hundreds of blogs, I found a few from the west and even one or two from Arizona, but the vast majority are centered on the eastern half of the country. That inspired me to start writing about what does and doesn't work here in southern Arizona through my own adventures and experiences. Since then I have been having a blast writing about my passions, and learning new hunting and fishing techniques. In the coming year I have a ton more stuff I would like to learn about, and I already have a new kayak on the way to try out. I hope you will all enjoy reading my stories in the up coming year as much as I plan to enjoy writing about it.

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