Friday, March 29, 2013

Two Lakes On Ruby Road, A Fly Fishing Odyssey Entry

For the first time this year I had a whole day to go fishing! I have been looking forward to doing this for over a week now, and I was about as excited as I get. I mainly wanted to get out and test my newly acquired fly fishing skills on the giant bluegill that always seemed so plentiful in Arivaca Lake, but fishing of any kind would do. I was out of bed a full half hour before the time I had set my alarm clock for. I started a pot of coffee and made some toast for breakfast before I went to work loading up the truck. I packed my brand new fly rod and tackle bag into the cab of the truck, and loaded my bait casters and a spinning rig in the bed with a folding chair and my large bass fishing tackle box. Arivaca is a bass lake after all, and being stuck on the shore I wanted to be prepared for any situation I might come across.  Then with the previous nights rain still falling in the form of a slight mist I pointed my old pick up truck south on interstate 19.

Friday, March 22, 2013

A Fly Fishing Odyssey Begins, Rumors Of Rainbows and Browns

An Urban Rainbow From Last Winter
One of my fly fishing goals for this summer is to catch all five species of trout that live in Arizona waters. This will require me to do some exploration of places that are a bit off the beaten path. The Three non-native trout species; Rainbow, Brown, and Brook are prolific well established and easy to find in most of the highland streams and lakes, but the two native species of Gila Trout and Apache Trout are only found in certain streams in the larger mountain ranges of Arizona and New mexico These fish are rare and much more difficult to find due to the other three species taking over most of their native habitat. There is also another fish I wish to catch over the summer called the round tail chub. This is a warmer water species native to Arizona and highly protected as an endangered species. There is only one place, I know of, in Arizona to catch this fish and that area is only open for part of the year and is obviously catch and release only. Setting travel plans to the White mountains aside for a few weeks, the first thing I would like to do is explore some rumors I have heard about my local mountain range.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Fly Fishing Safety Tip

Any fisherman who has fished in popular areas or urban parks has had to deal with strange people standing directly behind them for no apparent reason, and with no intention of moving. The relatively short back cast of a modern bait caster or spinning rig can normally be altered enough to avoid hooking these people. A fly rod set up can have a long enough back cast to take this particular situation to the extreme making safety a much bigger concern. A less than vigilant fly fisherman may unintentionally give a teenage girl sitting at a picnic table 30 feet away a new caddis fly eye brow piercing.  Keeping track of the movements of nearby people can be a challenge when most of your attention is focused on not permanently disrupting your own field of vision with a fly. I try to make sure that there is nothing behind me when I am out there fly fishing, but I still catch trees and bushes all the time, and I am just waiting for the day I hook into an unseen toddlers nose with a woolly bugger on a back cast.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Back Yard Fly Fishing

I received my new Redington Crosswater fly rod outfit in the mail yesterday. This is a 9Ft, 5wt, 4Pc, medium action kit that comes complete with the rod, reel line, and a hard case for carrying it with. Redington recommends this rod as a good starter set for inexperienced fly fisherman like myself. I have been hearing great things about Redington equipment, so I ordered this directly from them because I do not have a near by shop that sells these.

I took it out of the box as soon as it arrived, and put it together. This rod was so surprisingly balanced and light in my hand that I couldn't resist stringing it up and trying it out. I spent the better part of 20 minutes in my back yard at 9:00 last night getting a feel for it by casting it over the neighbors wall. I bet they weren't too thrilled with me whipping their poodle from two yards over, but it was fun. This has a very different feel then my current fly rod. I can't wait to get out this weekend and try it on some water and chase some fish with it!