Friday, January 25, 2013

Rick's Review: Work Sharp Guided Field Sharpener

Photo Courtesy Of Work Smart.
Just before Christmas The Outdoor Blogger Network and Work Sharp Tools selected me (among others) to review the Guided Field Sharpener. When the box arrived I was pleasantly surprised to find not only the sharpener, but also a t-shirt, a whole bunch of stickers with some rather catchy quotes, and a USB drive with some great professional materials that I could choose to use as part of my review. With all of that great stuff at my finger tips I was anxious and excited to get to work. Before I did, I gathered up a few blades and took a few pictures. Then the man in me took over and I did what any guy would do when he gets a new tool. I opened it up and went to work on the nearest knife I could find and tried to get it sharp enough to shave with.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Amazing Vanishing Act Of Gamble's Quail

The sun had just topped the hill as I pulled the truck into a wide clearing just beside the phone line access road we were driving along. Our anticipation was high as we started unloading the truck and preparing for our last Gamble's quail hunt of 2012. This was a brisk Saturday morning, but we both knew the temperature would quickly climb into the 70's as the morning wore on so we left the jackets in the truck and started loading up our vests with water and ammunition. We worked quietly and listened to the surrounding hills for the soft calls that would tell us where to start our hunt.