Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Learning To Fly Fish For Arizona Urban Trout

Fall has finally hit the deserts of Southern Arizona. Around the middle of October the sun starts hanging low in the southern sky and the oven like summer heat starts giving way to milder winter temperatures making it very pleasant to be outside all day long. Even in the dead of winter the temperatures only dip below freezing on the coldest of mornings and then warm back up to the pleasant area after the sun rises.This is the time of year that the lakes start to cool off and the warm water fish get very lethargic and hard to catch. For this reason Arizona Game And Fish does bi-weekly rainbow trout stockings in all of their urban lakes during winter months so that anglers always have something to fish for.

This year, the winter trout stockings began the week before Thanksgiving. These stockings will usually consist of a couple hundred "stocker" trout that weigh in at just under a pound each. Also included in the first couple of stockings are several incentive fish. Every year they stock all of the lakes with four or five fish that tip the scales at up to three pounds and 24" long! for me, this is a prime opportunity to get out enjoy some beautiful weather and test out my new fly fishing skills. Sadly, other obligations have kept me away from fishing a whole lot.But I did manage to get out for a couple of hours The week after Thanksgiving, but I have yet to be successful in hooking into a trout on the fly.

My current goal for fly fishing right now is to stop catching the trees and to catch my first fish on the fly before the year ends. Of course that is dependent on how busy the holidays are, and how loud the quail get between now and then.  Those quail can be pretty loud this time of year and present a huge distraction to my fishing goals.

I also need to figure out which flies to use and how to present them to the fish. I have become convinced that the Wal-Mart flies just aren't very good at attracting the fish, so I have purchased a small selection of better flies from Sportsmen's Warehouse. I am hoping that these colors and patterns are a little better then the cheap ones I have been using.  I guess only time, practice, and a lack of hungry trees will get me to where I need to be.


  1. Did you have to buy a trout stamp? What about brown butter, almonds, Oaky Chardonnay?

    1. Reverend,
      Arizona does not require a trout stamp in addition for the urban program ponds and lakes. The urban fishing license will cover those. Fishing for trout in the state regulated waters does require a trout stamp as an additional purchase to a regular state fishing license.
      As for the rest of your question, is that a recipe for cooking trout, or a tip for a romantic evening with my wife? Either way it sounds like a nice evening. ;)

  2. Hi Rick
    I would have to cancel the trout fishing until the Quail season was over. I still miss hunting those little birds. I use to look forward to this time of year, because I knew I get the dogs out and get in some good shooting--not to mention the eats too. Thanks for reminding me of times past.

    1. Bill,
      It is very dificult to decide between hunting and fishing, but the urban trout season is shorter than quail season is. so if I can't manage to get out hunting I can usually get over to my little lake for an hour or two.
      By the way, using dogs is cheating. Bring them with you if you make down this way and we will get out hunting. ;)