Friday, December 21, 2012

Winter Storms And Rainbows On The Fly

Arizona Winter Storm.
Friday night brought the first real cold front and winter storm through Southern Arizona leaving the weekend looking bleak, cold, and rainy. That is fine during the week, but this came at the beginning of the first weekend I have had opportunity to get out quail hunting in quite a while. Without four wheel drive on my truck I didn't want to risk going out in the desert and getting stuck so I decided not to go hunting. Saturday morning, my wife went shopping and left me at home with nothing much to do. I looked outside at the clouds that were threatening rain and the wind whipping through the trees and thought to myself, "A smart man comes in out of the cold and wind. I should put in a movie turn on the fire place, and relax". Then my fishing addiction kicked in and my brain immediately answered back "Be a man! It isn't raining! Put on a coat, grab your hat, load the fishing poles up, and go fishing!"

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Learning To Fly Fish For Arizona Urban Trout

Fall has finally hit the deserts of Southern Arizona. Around the middle of October the sun starts hanging low in the southern sky and the oven like summer heat starts giving way to milder winter temperatures making it very pleasant to be outside all day long. Even in the dead of winter the temperatures only dip below freezing on the coldest of mornings and then warm back up to the pleasant area after the sun rises.This is the time of year that the lakes start to cool off and the warm water fish get very lethargic and hard to catch. For this reason Arizona Game And Fish does bi-weekly rainbow trout stockings in all of their urban lakes during winter months so that anglers always have something to fish for.