Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Saga Of The Western Field Shot Gun Part Three: The Repair

The Saga Of The Western Field Shotgun Part One
The Saga Of The Western Field Shot Gun Part Two: The Test

I highly recommend that anyone having problems any more complicated than cleaning issues with their firearms take them to an experienced gunsmith for repairs. Bad things can happen when overconfident people do things they are not qualified to do. Having said that, I am never one to follow my own advise and I took it upon myself to repair the broken firing pin in my Western Field 16 gauge shot gun. I have always been fairly good at "seeing" how things come apart and go back together. As a result of this I tend to be a bit over confident that if I take something apart I can put it back together again and it will work the way it is supposed to. In the past I have had very few instances where I took something apart and couldn't put it back together again, and this was no exception. Mossberg made a simple yet elegant design that worked then and, with the exception of adding a bar to the pump and changing the design of the firing pin, has changed very little over the years since.
My Fully Disassembled Western Field 16 Gauge Shot Gun

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Arizona Turkey Poachers

Hunting laws are put in place in order to preserve animal populations at healthy levels, and give certain species a fighting chance at survival. Hunting licenses and tags are sold by the responsible state organizations such as the Arizona Game And Fish department. In Arizona, and many other states, little to no tax dollars ever go into the coffers of these organizations. hunting and fishing licenses are their sole means of income and provide funding for hunter education and training, maintaining open tracts of land for the purpose of conservation and habitat restoration/preservation, and provides grants for projects that help to reintroduce or bolster endangered populations of animals. Poaching of any kind undermines these activities and constitutes theft from the public as a whole. The crime of poaching is worsened when it involves a rare or endangered animal like the Gould's Turkey.