Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Space Shuttles Final Flight

The Space Shuttle Endeavor made its final flight from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida to Los Angeles California where it will be retired from service, and put on permanent display at the California Science Center. At the request of retired astronaut Mark Kelly, who commanded the Endeavors last mission,  NASA approved a slight detour of the shuttle and its 747 carrier aircraft to perform a low level flyby over down town Tucson and The University of Arizona. This request was so that Mark Kelly's wife, Former Arizona congress woman Gabrielle Giffords, could see it fly one last time. For more details check out this ABC news article. This fly by took place at 11:15 this morning and the flight path took the shuttle directly over the building I work in. Unfortunately I was not expecting it to be quite that close to my location, so I did not have a camera at the ready, but my wife took this awesome picture from where she was.
Endeavors Last Flight

The retirement of the space shuttle program marks an exciting shift in the role that NASA, and government in general, is playing in the manned exploration of space. The focus is being turned from close earth vehicles, and satellites to long haul projects like going to the moon or Mars. This also leaves the world without the ability to lift heavy loads into orbit or to perform maintenance tasks on equipment currently in space. The lack of this ability will create a new demand for repair work in space, and pave the way for private enterprise to form in new market segments centered around putting people and cargo into space. I know this isn't related to either hunting or Fishing, but this is a historically significant event that I was lucky enough to be in an area that I could witness at least part of. And I wanted to tip my hat and give a salute to a beloved program that will be sorely missed.


  1. is that your photo?

    very cool to be so close to it

    1. I have to give credit to my wife for the photo, I didn't have enough sense to bring my camera out with me. It flew right over my office so I had an incredible view of it. Thanks for the comment, Blake.

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