Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Summer Time Fishing

Aiden fishing for bluegills.
Finding the time to go fishing, this summer, has been a challenging at best. Whether it is an out of town visitor, a car to fix, a party to go to, or gremlins disabling the alarm clock during the night, there always seems to be a reason not to go fishing. The truth of it is, the chores had to get done, I would not give up any of the wonderful friends and family that came to visit us, nor would I miss any of the great parties I went to instead of the lake. As far as the alarm clock goes, gremlins seem to have a very easy access to my bedside table. In spite of all of these...distractions... I did managed to get in a few good mornings out at my little urban lake.

One of my favorite fishing trips was when I was able to take my nephew, Aiden, out and help him fish for some bluegill. I have taken him several times before, and he loves going. I had a blast watching him squatting on a rock with his pole working those stunted little fish for all he was worth. The few he did catch were more by accident than by design, but he had a blast fishing for them, and I had a blast taking him out there.

I was able to catch one of every type of fish in that lake that day, but when I finally managed to catch a decent sized (for that lake) catfish he just about went nuts over it. He could barely hold it up to get a picture with it. When it was time to let the fish go Aiden wanted to keep it. When I told him he would have to clean it and skin it (and explained what that meant) he changed his mind and was more than happy to let it back in the water.  I also caught two small bass using rubber worms, and a small grass carp, and another small catfish using chicken liver.

That was the only real memorable fishing excursion I had this summer. I caught a few other fish on a few other trips, but nothing that would make a good story. Now that fall is here I am hoping things will slow down enough to let me get out to Parker Canyon Lake. I have heard rumors that it has some northern pike in it. Imagine that...northern pike in a lake that is less than 20 miles from the Arizona Mexico border. I want to try and prove that little rumor is true!


  1. summer can be a hard time to get out and escape, we had a full schedule too. Waterparks, family vacations, baseball and football was all consuming.

    1. Thanks Blake. I have always found summer to be a less busy time of year, but this last year brought an amazing array of surprises (mostly good) my way.

  2. Great outing and too bad you didn't get more of them like this one over the summer. Like Blake said, summer can be tough to find the time

  3. It’s sad that there are many things that hinder you from fishing. Anyway, why don’t you have it planned next year? Bring your whole family, especially the kids. I’m pretty sure it would be a lot of fun. You’ll enjoy it, and you’ll also get relax.