Wednesday, September 26, 2012

OBN Quick Fire Interview

Rebecca, over at the Outdoor Blogger Network, was kind enough to ask me to fill out her questionnaire and become one of the privileged bloggers who have been featured in the OBN Quick Fire Interview. Please go check it out, and don't forget to say hi to Rebecca on her blog The Outdooress as well. She is a terrific writer, and I have really enjoyed reading all about her many adventures in fly fishing and other outdoor activities.

Thanks for the interview Rebecca!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Space Shuttles Final Flight

The Space Shuttle Endeavor made its final flight from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida to Los Angeles California where it will be retired from service, and put on permanent display at the California Science Center. At the request of retired astronaut Mark Kelly, who commanded the Endeavors last mission,  NASA approved a slight detour of the shuttle and its 747 carrier aircraft to perform a low level flyby over down town Tucson and The University of Arizona. This request was so that Mark Kelly's wife, Former Arizona congress woman Gabrielle Giffords, could see it fly one last time. For more details check out this ABC news article. This fly by took place at 11:15 this morning and the flight path took the shuttle directly over the building I work in. Unfortunately I was not expecting it to be quite that close to my location, so I did not have a camera at the ready, but my wife took this awesome picture from where she was.
Endeavors Last Flight

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Summer Time Fishing

Aiden fishing for bluegills.
Finding the time to go fishing, this summer, has been a challenging at best. Whether it is an out of town visitor, a car to fix, a party to go to, or gremlins disabling the alarm clock during the night, there always seems to be a reason not to go fishing. The truth of it is, the chores had to get done, I would not give up any of the wonderful friends and family that came to visit us, nor would I miss any of the great parties I went to instead of the lake. As far as the alarm clock goes, gremlins seem to have a very easy access to my bedside table. In spite of all of these...distractions... I did managed to get in a few good mornings out at my little urban lake.