Monday, July 30, 2012

WOW! It has been a month to the day since I last posted on here. 

My nephew Aiden with a catfish I caught.

Things have been super busy for me lately. I have never been this swamped at work, and my wife's business is finally picking up again after about a two year slump. On top of that we have had a couple of surprise out of town visitors come and stay with us. The first is a friend of the family that just got out of the army after serving two terms in Iraq. and the other is our exchange student from Germany from two years ago. These are some pretty awesome problems to have, but they do (in a good way) cut into fishing and hunting time. 

I have a few things in the works for the next couple of months, and I hope to have a blog post every week in August, so stay tuned for my first experience buying a really old shotgun, a couple of gear reviews, and I will tell you all about the rigors and challenges of mid summer urban fishing in Tucson that will include a really cool story about taking my nephew fishing that is sure to bring a smile to your face.